Block Copo-PP

Grade Density MFR (g/10min) Application
Block Copo-PP
EP310D 0.7 0.7 Corrugated sheet, TF containers, AQ blown film applications
EP300H 1.8 1.8 High impact, corrugated sheet and board, TF containers, stationery
EP400L 5 5 High impact for pails, crates, appliances, toys and tech. compounding
EP545L 6 6 CSD and hot-fill closures
EP540N 12 12 High stiffness/impact for rigid packaging, consumer and compounding
EP6004 12 12 Very high impact for pails, crates, tech. compounding and appliances
EP6006 12 12 Battery cases, industrial containers, motorcycle parts
PM784W-H 12 12 Stiffness/impact for appliances and tech. compounding, UV resistant
EP220R 23 23 Woven/paper coating and lamination with enhanced adhesion
EP341R 24 24 High flow for appliances
EP6012 26 26 Soft resin for BOPP and CPP coating, raffia coating
EP229S 32 32 High speed extrusion coating for woven bags
EP380T 44 44 High impact, high flow resin for appliances and compounding
EP548S 44 44 High stiffness/impact, anti static for rigid packaging and consumer
EP549T 60 60 High flow, stiffness/impact for appliances and technical compounding
EPD007T 60 60 High flow for high speed injection, rigid packaging