Grade Density MFR (g/10min) Application
RP242G 1.5 1.5 High clarity for bottles and sheets and stationery sheets
RP271G 1.7 1.7 EBM IV bottles, extrusion medical products, medical packaging films
RP271M 8 8 ISBM IV bottles, IM medical products, laboratory devices
RC213M 10 10 Sealing layer for metallised CPP film
RP225N 11 11 Sealing layer for CPP lamination film
RP229N 11 11 High stiffness CPP film for lamination
RP348N 11 11 Clarity for containers, bottles, housewares, cosmetic caps, ISBM and IM
RP6016 11 11 Food containers, baby and sport bottles, clear IM parts
RP348S 35 35 CD/DVD cases, housewares